justjasper said: cutie

oh hush u lovely person <3

justjasper said: fic fic fic

oh jasper you enabler fasjfhakjfdhjsghka <3

i feel bad now bc it’s not a cm fic i’m so sorry

bless jasper for reading and leaving kudos <3

justjasper said: i just tested, yes it can


thanks jasper, you’re the best <3

can we take a minute or fifty to talk about how amazing jasper is? because damn, thank you, that was fast. bless your soul bb <3

justjasper said: hotch/reid, absence

Hotch sits on Jack’s bed and smoothes the cover with his left hand. “Missing him already?” Reid asks, resting against the door frame. “Yeah.” He answers. “It’s been a few hours since he left, Aaron.” Reid says, walking until he’s sitting beside his lover. “College will be awesome for Jack, stop moping, come on.”

also 40 pounds in 2 months is not healthy loss when you’ve only got like 40 pounds to lose!

really? i was too lazy to actually do some research, i have no idea about pounds since here we only use kilograms

emotionalfriend said: jfc this anon is disgusting for thinking that they can use the tragic suicide of a child to justify the shitty behavior of adults

seriously. also lol yes me reblogging something about awful bronies def means i’m bullying and harrassing little boys who like mlp

justjasper said: also sources or bunk

got another message (will post after posting this) where there’s a source to some article talking about an 11 yo who tried to commit suicide and his parents assure it’s because he’s bullied because he likes mlp - only skimmed the articule tbh so idk what exactly it says.

freakingdork said: w h a t omg

keep scrolling

justjasper said: wwow no my poor baby. thank you!!!

You’re welcome :)