Don’t leak nudes

Leak pictures of SPIDER-MAN


Mako & Raleigh + text posts

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attention non-english speakers who have struggled to find gender neutral pronouns


there is a very good compilation of gender neutral pronouns in a variety of different languages that can be found here! it’s really helpful and a lot of thought and help has gone into it from people who speak these as their native language! i definitely recommend you go check it out

Fuck you. I don’t live to cater to your whims and needs.

omg this guy is unbelievable

i don’t know whether to laugh or insult him jfc


Kero and Mokona — Commission (2014) 


Kero and Mokona — Commission (2014) 

56 year old MtF transgender needs a place, Arizona


I am a disabled vet with full pension, in a wheel chair and service dog.  Clean, open minded and quiet.  I have to move  by the first.  currently in Kingman, AZ.  When it was discovered I was transgender, it went really bad.  Please help a person and service dog (border collie named freckles, fully train, no barking, good with all pets, and like me, mellow and loving).



also can we stop pretending skinny shaming is on the same level as fat shaming? im against shaming people’s bodies no matter what and i think doing so is disgusting but thin bodies are still far more accepted and catered to and it’s important to acknowledge that

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wow i am so done with this one guy

ugh he’s an assholes and still, he’s been blessed with me and this other really smart girl being in the same group with him. srsly if he passes this subject, it’s because of us doing most of the job jfc